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We offer turnkey service following the customer in all its phases: from the preliminary drawings with the definition of the most suitable design, passing to the executive one with the study of every detail, the choice of materials, the lighting, electrical and plant design project, the control of the construction phases, testing and final preparation.


● SURVEY: survey with trilaterations of the environments, photographic survey, plant survey of the current state, graphic rendering of the state of affairs


● PRELIMINARY AND DEFINITIVE PROJECT: after a first comparison with the customer's needs, we draw up project proposals, with particular attention to the spatial arrangement of the furnishings and the aesthetic aspect


● EXECUTIVE PROJECT: drafting of technical drawings for the realization of all workmanships so as to make it easier and more comprehensible to execution on construction sites, including executive drawings of the plants


● FURNITURE PROJECT AND MATERIALS CHOICE: we carry out executive projects of bespoke furniture and customized design objects, following every single aspect: design, selection of materials and realization carried out by specialized professionals. We also support and advise customers in the choice of materials and furnishing accessories, defining colors, finishes and types most suitable for the project


● TENDER SPECIFICATIONS: once all the work has been defined, a work specification is drawn up with all site work specified, a fundamental document for requesting an economic offer from the companies

● WORK MANAGEMENT: supervision and verification of the whole construction process


● DO.C.FA. (Documento Catasto Fabbricati)




● A.P.E. (Attestato Prestazione Energetica): inspection and survey of the environments, processing of the energy performance and delivery of the documentation to the competent Offices


● C.I.L.A. (Comunicazione Inizio Lavori Asseverata)


● S.C.I.A. (Segnalazione Certificata Inizio Attività)


● D.I.A. (Denuncia Inizio Attività)




● SC.AG. (Segnalazione Certificata Agibilità)




● AUTHORIZATION O.S.P. (Occupazione Suolo Pubblico)

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